We've got a 50 day playbook to reach more this Christmas season, whether your all online or back in person.
You need a digital strategy for Christmas
Christmas is a season where people who normally don't go to church are more interested and more willing to attend a church. That means there are people in your community who would come to your church if invited and if they knew about it!
Combined with the reality that 4 out of 5 churches don't have a strategy when it comes to online ministry*, I built this plan to help churches just like yours reach more this Christmas.

I've worked with small church replants with less than 100 people, and large 1000+ churches and seen how effective a social media strategy can be. But it's not something a lot of churches have been able to figure out. We want to, we want to do better at what we're doing or even have a better starting point. But cracking the social media code is tough. I'm a big believer that collectively as the global church, we haven't even scratched the surface at whats possible with social media.

And 2020 has been rough. A lot of churches are going on 9 months of pure digital only ministry. That's exhausting! I think the enemy would want nothing less than to see churches lose motivation and energy going into one of the biggest seasons for sharing the gospel. In a year like this, it's even more vital that we spread hope, especially on social media.

That's where this Christmas marketing plan for churches is going to be exactly what your church needs this season. I've done all the heavy lifting of mapping out your online content for 8 weeks. I've created the graphics you can share, and editable templates for customizing all of it. I've written out prompts for you to speak directly to your community online. And I am fully convinced that if you use this playbook, your church WILL see more guests this year than years past, and MORE people will hear the good news in a deeper way. 
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easy to follow guide for each day
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editable file
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ready to go
daily posts
If you've ever struggled with "what do I post today?" or been interested in using new social tools like stories and reels for your church, then this is for you. Know exactly what to post, what to publish on your story, what to do to make a reel for your church, every day for 8 weeks!
If you're tired of just posting for the sake of posting, this is for you. Each day of the plan is intentional and relational.
If you've been trying to post on social media on a regular basis and just don't feel like it's getting traction, then this is for you. It's full of content that is audience focused while sharing what the church should share.
Finish the year strong with a complete strategy for online ministry.
Posting done for you graphics isn't bad, it's far better than not posting anything. But I always think about Bud. Bud is one of my favorite people, because even though he's nearly 90, he loved our church social media, because he knew the results we were having. Bud is the greatest greeter I've ever met, period. And I posted a picture of him on our church instagram one day with a caption like "if your nervous about coming to church for the first time, just look for Bud." We had a family visit us, who went right for Bud because they had seen that post, knew to look for him, and he helped them get checked in. 

As great as done for you graphics are, they can't compete with pictures of Bud. 

That's why this daily plan, though it has done for you graphics, includes a fully editable .psd for you to use YOUR pictures of YOUR church and YOUR Bud.
That's why this plan is about MORE than just done for you graphics.
Your church and community are unique. Your online ministry should be, as well.
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Jordan F.
SBC in Texas
My favorite thing is far is the daily post graphics. I love their look because they fit our church style and are focused on content over impressing other designers. The fact that I can edit each one makes this useful far beyond Christmas! Totally worth the investment!
Jeremy C. 
UMC in Georgia
I love how there’s prepared graphics to post that I can post as is or take the idea and personalize it for our church. I think the most valuable element of the entire package is the nearly 100 page guide for all of Christmas! I’m really excited to get started on this!
Here are some reviews. If you're seeing this, then it's because this just went live, and I'm waiting on you to review it. 
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When you make your order, you'll have instant access to the 90+ page guide and all the graphics you'll need.
Is it worth it?
Maybe you've seen "social packs" out there for Christmas, maybe free or cheaper. The problem with those is that they don't have a strategy. If all you want is a random assortment of christmas styled graphics, that may be an option. Katie Allred from Church Communications called it "Innovative and an amazing tool for churches in 2020."

The Christmas marketing plan for churches is a full strategy. 

This isn't just a download to help you fill your feed with more posts.

This is a fully crafted plan for your church to REACH more of your community, BUILD community and connections, and clearly communicate the Gospel message of Christmas in your digital ministry. 

Grab it now on sale for just $39!
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Christmas Marketing plan for churches
A day by day plan for churches on what to do with their social media to have their biggest Christmas ever. A 50 day plan (plus a few lead in days) with over 90 ready to go posts for your feed, in both .jpg and fully editable .psd files. It also comes with story prompts, prompts for reels and tiktok videos, updates for your google my business, and blog post ideas to increase your seo. It's like hiring an intern to run your online presence for less than $10 a week! Normally $79, on sale until Cyber Monday for just $39!
The download itself is full of great value. Carousel posts, video based posts, on and on. But I always love sweeting the deal for those who may need a bit more.
When you purchase, you'll also get access to our private Facebook group. This will give you access to our monthly content plans and daily posts for after the Christmas plan is done.
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